Everything you need to practice astrology

strology is not only an innate gift that one can receive. It can be a craft that can be learned. Indeed, everybody can become an astrologer if they have the right tools and the strengths to become one. To practice astrology, you must first convince you that every human behavior is due to the position of each planet relative to the solar system. This site will be an aid for the analysis and prediction of all the events that will happen within human life at the collective and individual level.

The different roles of the astrologer

The first role the astrologer plays is defining the profile of a person's personality. Once he knows the day and hour when the person is born, he performs calculations while drawing lines describing this personality according to the position of each planet and its zodiacal sign. It will also be necessary, following this information, to establish the horoscope of the person and thus define his future in all areas.

The astrologer must be both self-entrepreneur as an astrological counselor, trainer, teacher, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist astrologer, astro-psychotherapist, astrologist or other freelancer.

How to become an astrologer?

To become an astrologer, it is important to follow a certain training in which each person will have to manage itself its functioning. The qualities required to become one are first of all to accept to help other people as this could bring him personal well-being. He must like to get in touch with people and must popularize his words every time. Indeed, it is quite possible that it is necessary to speak to a general public or to the media.

In short, the astrologer can help a person to discover what his future holds him based on his knowledge and the line he will have established according to the calculations he will have made. He then has the power to determine in advance what will happen next in a person's life in all areas.

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