1 week programm to read the cards

Cards or divinatory tarot are media used in divination art whose purpose is to talk about the past, to determine the present and to know beforehand the future. These supports can also be used to define the personality, the behavior and all that concerns a person. Maps are also used in cartomancy to predict the problems and obstacles that are likely to occur. They are therefore weapons allowing everyone to better prepare themselves to face difficulties.

How to read the cards?

Reading maps requires a particular faculty. Some people who have this faculty have natural gifts, others have learned to do so. In both cases, you always need years of experience to finally know how to handle the cards. This practice is called tarology or cartomancy.

The reading of the cards goes through several stages. There is the cup first. This is to cut all the cards to form two blocks. Then there is the draw. This is the selection of cards to read. By doing a free tarot readings online, we can know more. Then there is the formation of the cards. It should be noted that there are several types of formations. We choose one according to the desires, things to know, the advice of the professional etc. It is only after having realized all these stages that one can finally read the cards.

The advantages of reading cards

The reading of the cards can be done online via a free tarot readings online. We do not need to go to see a professional in taro or cartomancy to get answers from the cards. The use of cards to guess the future is also simple. He does not ask for special rituals or other things. Just skip the cup and draw stages and you're done. We also do not risk any special effects and then do the steps yourself. The expert will only give the meanings of the drawn cards.

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