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The human being has always tried to know the future: the oldest civilizations used to call upon the divinatory arts to know what the future helds for them. The Egyptians questioned the stars, which were considered as gods, and the Arab people used the numbers. About the art of reading the future into the cards is younger, but nowadays it is widely used all over the world. So if you also feel lost in front of the vastness of your life, and you have some questions that nobody is able to answer, do not hesitate to question the tarot cards.

What is tarology?

The tarology is a kind of divinatory art which consists in reading the future into the tarot cards. This arcane practice has been discovered in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century, by the Gipsy people. There are different kinds of tarot: the Marseilles tarot is commonly used because it is the simplest to read into. The Persian tarot can be used too: it has been created by miss Indira in the eighties. Some fortune-tellers also use to use the Rider-Waite tarot. There are so many other kinds of tarot, but they have been abandoned because of their complexity. The tarot is often criticized by the scientists, but it helps many people each day in feeling better and living a more peaceful life.

Reading the future into the cards

The Marseilles tarot is the most used kind le tarot all around the world. It is made up of fifty-five cards, divided in two kinds of pictures that are called arcana: the major arcana represents a main personnality trait of someone, or a major past or incoming event. The minor arcana represent the environment or some less important events which happened to someone. The draw can be done with three or five cards, according to the kind of question you want to ask and the kind of answer you want to obtain. Do not hesitate anymore and come to benefit from your tarot reading!

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